• Fix for initial migration with photologue - @urtzai


  • Bugfix for imports


  • Django 1.10 compatibility - thanks @urtzai
  • Add support for Photologue - thanks @urtzai


  • Basque Translation - thanks @urtzai
  • Add next/prev methods to episode.


  • Multiple bugfixes
  • Improvments to queryset managers
  • Add a pretty description field for WYSIWYG editors


  • Improve onsite manager by supporting mutliple environments, and getting site from request


  • When no django-licensing is installed, show the Show’s CharField license. @nachopro
  • Setting to choose the path where podcast’s images will be saved. Thanks @nachopro


  • Fix for runserver warning, ‘max_length’ is ignored when used with IntegerField.


  • Add missing django-autoslug requirement to Thanks @Rolando.


  • Fix unicode literals in Thanks @hakanw
  • Convert relationships for Enclosure, Episode, Sites into M2M to allow mix and match show creation. Thanks to Jeff Lindsey @djangolackey


  • Setting FEED_ENTRIES hides older episodes, use None (aka all) as default.
  • More forgiving error handling on images in feeds.


  • Add django-appconf to required packages
  • RedirectView fixes - kike721
  • Spanish translations - kike721
  • Use AppConf for pagination settings - kike721
  • Enforce that feed urls can only request supported mime types.
  • Make feed_urs more generic by removing /itunes/. Redirect old style.
  • Make django-licenses optional
  • Drop bundled AutoSlug and use django-autoslug
  • Rename the newly added Video class to EmbedMedia, and build in support for django-embed-video for easy embedding of SoundCloud, Vimeo and YouTube files on Episode detail pages.
  • Add a show.on_itunes boolean and relax required fields to allow simpler user forms when not publishing to iTunes.
  • Testing on Python3
  • Move to homedir, drop django-nose and add test support for Django 1.7, add coverage and version badges.
  • Extend full support to easy-thumbnails and sorl
  • Extend the Admin widget to support sorl, imagekit, easy-thumbnails and css for thumbnailing.
  • Add a simple Video model for attaching extrnal video-urls to an episode.
  • Add more mime type choices for enclosures.
  • Upgrade imagekit to 3.0.4
  • Bump python-twitter to 1.0 and django-taggit to 0.10a1
  • Remove settings.SITE_ID default from Site field.
  • Setup Travis CI.
  • Flake8.
  • Support Django 1.5’s customizable user model. This change makes django-podacasting usuable only on Django versions 1.4 LTS and greater.
  • Fix autoslug
  • Fix for non ImageKit installs
  • Support Django 1.4’s timezone-aware datetimes



  • Bump imagekit version to 2.0.1
  • Add the missing publish option for shows in admin #9


  • Fix upload path for images, slugify was stripping the extension.
  • Simply user relationships to episodes and shows. Most importantly changing ‘authors’ to an ‘author_text’ charfield, and adding a Show.owner field. Requires a migration.
  • Remove unused show feed templates which were part of old django syndication framework.
  • Bump imagekit version to 1.1.0


  • Many small fixes.
  • Upgrade imagekit for better thumbnailing.
  • Better forms and internationalized templates.


  • First release.