• Tested against Django 1.8 and greater.

  • Install Django Podcasting with your favorite Python package manager:

    pip install django-podcasting
  • Add "podcasting", "django.contrib.sites", and the optional apps of your choice to the INSTALLED_APPS setting in your

  • Include podcasting.urls and podcasting.urls_feeds in your urls definition:

    url(r"^podcasts/", include("podcasting.urls")),
    url(r"^feeds/podcasts/", include("podcasting.urls_feeds")),

Optional Dependencies

The following features are expected to work with the most recent versions of the following libraries, if you find an issue please report it on github.


You may chose between the following three thumbnail libraries or none, if imagekit is installed django-podcsating will use that, else it will check for easy-thumbnails, followed by sorl.

Here is an example settings.THUMBNAIL_ALIASES for easy-thumbnails. iTunes sizes are to spec.:

    "podcasting.Show.original_image": {
        "sm": {"size": (120, 120)},
        "lg": {"size": (550, 550)},
        "itunes_sm": {"size": (144, 144)},
        "itunes_lg": {"size": (1400, 1400)},
    "podcasting.Episode.original_image": {
        "sm": {"size": (120, 120)},
        "lg": {"size": (550, 550)},
        "itunes_sm": {"size": (144, 144)},
        "itunes_lg": {"size": (1400, 1400)},


If django-taggit is installed, tagging will be enabled for Episodes and Shows:


If django-licenses is installed, the show will contain the license field which which is helpful for publishing podcasts on iTunes:


Want to send a tweet every time a new Episode is created?

If python-twitter is installed, automatic posts for new tweets is possible:

Media Embedding

Want to display Youtube, Vimeo or Soundcloud content on Episode detail pages?